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Meghna’s Food Magic
Published on 22 Mar 2019 / In People & Blogs

Time for an all-time French Classic Dessert - Creme Brulee. If you don't eat eggs, then this is not for you. Love M #Chefmeghna #Desserts #CremeBrulee

300 gm cooking cream
3 egg yolks
Castor Sugar
Vanilla Essence
Strawberry (optional)

No need to go to France to have French Dessert
I will show you how to make Creme Brulee
You can make this with just 4-5 ingredients
It's a classic French Dessert recipe.
Take 300 gm Cooking Cream
Gently warm it - Do not overheat it.
We don't want the cream to get stuck to the bottom
Take 3 egg yolks in a bowl
Beat the eggs nicely
Add 2.5 tsp castor sugar
Don't take normal sugar for correct results
Beat the eggs and sugar till you nice pale yellow color
Once you see pale yellow color time to add cooking cream.
Add cream in parts as it's warm.
Keep beating it so that the temperature of eggs and cream come to equal.
Else eggs will turn into scrambled eggs
We need creamy texture in our Creme Brulee.
Keep mixing cream in small quantities
and keep beating the mixture
Now add 1 tsp vanilla essence
Keep beating the mixture.
You may flavor Creme Brulee with any flavors of your choice
Instead of Vanilla, you may infuse other optional flavors too
Such as Kesar Elaichi, Chocolate or Earl Grey Tea flavors
Earl Grey tea sachets can be infused into cream if you like.
Coming back to Vanilla flavored custard mixture
Time to filter out lumps if any.
Pre-heat the oven at 160 Celsius degree
Make sure there are no bubbles in the custard mixture
else they will stay while baking too.
Fill the Remington molds with custard
We have to bake these with the water bath
Take warm water and fill the baking tray up to halfway to the molds' height
Bake the custard for 30 minutes
Take the molds out and let them cool down
Wrap the molds before putting them in the fridge for 2 hours
Now take out the molds and it's Brulee time
Unwrap the plastic
Generously sprinkle castor sugar on the top
about 1-1.5 tsp of sugar will go on top
I am using a blow torch to burn the sugar
You may also use a hot spoon kept on the flame (if you don't have blow torch)
Creme Brule is ready
You may want to garnish it with strawberry.
While eating it break the bruleed sugar
And enjoy creamy custard with crispy sugar.

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